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For growing agents that want more deals.

4 months free when paid yearly!

  • 50 new leads per month
  • Unlimited drip campaigns
  • Library of prebuilt campaigns
  • Zapier integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • Priority email and chat support

$99 / month after free trial

$66 / month after free trial

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For busy agents looking for next-level lead conversion.

4 months free when paid yearly!

  • 200 new leads per month
  • Unlimited drip campaigns
  • Library of prebuilt campaigns
  • 1-on-1 personalized account setup
  • Bulk lead upload
  • Automatic long term lead nurture

$199 / month after free trial

$133 / month after free trial

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There is nothing we’re more passionate about than seeing our agents and loan officers business grow from using Agent Legend. That’s why we’re here to help setup your account, provide guidance, answer questions, or just chat!

The Premium and Team packages include our signature white-glove service. What does that mean? It means one-on-one training, onboarding, and real-time customer support for any needs you may have. It also includes:

  • A dedicated account manager who’s goal is your team’s success
  • Access to exclusive content dedicated to optimizing your campaigns
  • Assistance creating custom filters and integrations
  • And much more.

You’ve got questions—we’ve got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Agent legend use my actual voice?
Yes, we do. It’s part of what makes us so effective. Every message is sent in your authentic voice, saying what you really would say yourself if you had called that person.

Do you integrate with my CRM and lead sources?
Yes, we have custom integrations built with many of the popular CRM’s and lead providers. That means Agent Legend can “do our thang” in the background while you work without skipping a beat. We can receive prospects from your CRM, log conversations as they happen, and even coordinate messaging so campaigns are stopped in one system when someone responds in the other.

What do I see when someone responds?
Agent Legend is designed to behave exactly the same way you do. When someone responds, your campaign simply stops. The best part is, when you use the Agent Legend app, you instantly see all the important lead info when your phone rings. So, you can pick up and say hello as if you’re already their friend.

How does Agent Legend work for generic buyer leads vs. property-specific?
We cover both scenarios with our specialized campaign logic. If a lead contains a property address, it will be used. If not, it will be left out. You can design your campaigns to flow nicely and work either way.

Is there a script library?
Yes, inside your Agent Legend account is a library full of pre-built campaign templates designed by some of the top real estate and mortgage professionals. These templates can be customized for your specific needs.

What does the iPhone / Android app do?
Just go about your day, and the Agent Legend app will let you know the instant someone wants to speak with you. You will see the lead’s information when your phone rings. This will let you answer the phone and respond as if you already have the info at the top of your mind.