As a real estate agent or lender, you juggle a lot of tasks. There’s lead generation, lead follow up, new client support, negotiations… This only scratches the surface of what you do on a daily basis. It’s normal to get overwhelmed, to get frustrated; some even give up. It’s easy to ride the highs of this industry, but the lows can be tough.

We’ve put together a list of 3 habits that will upgrade your performance, keep you happy, and make your business successful. Here they are!

1. Set Yourself Up For A Great Day

First, do something that gives your day a lift as soon as you wake up. Some people meditate, others workout, some write in their gratitude journal. Whatever it is, a daily ritual is sure to give your day a boost.

Then, get organized- plan out your day! It’s easy to get stuck in the email vortex for hours, so block out a few exact times dedicated to just checking emails. This will keep your communications going and free you up for all other things on your plate!

2. Organize Your Leads

It may seem like a big task, but it is essential to take the time to segment your leads into categories. (And don’t worry…Agent Legend can help with this!) For instance, you can separate people by local area in which they are interested in buying. This way, you can optimize your day and try and schedule a few showings close together.

You should also organize your leads by where they are in the sales process. Have they responded back to you? What is their timeline? What is their interest level? If you do this, your follow ups will be more successful and you can keep better track of where you are. There are plenty of great CRM options to help keep yourself super productive in this area.

3. Once You Close A Deal, Be Present!

Once you close the deal, it is no time to sit back and relax. This part of the experience is what your client is going to remember the best. It’s nerve wracking for them to be waiting to close on a home. They will appreciate your check ins and updates at this stage in the process. It’s also vital to stay in communication with lenders, title companies, etc. You are the person who is holding the transaction together, so manage it well and your client will surely thank you by giving you great reviews and referrals.

What if you could ‘clone’ yourself and follow up with each and every one of your leads as you would on your best day? Schedule your Agent Legend Demo Today!

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