Building a thriving real estate business by creating a strong sphere of influence and quickly converting leads sounds like a long and complicated process. The results themselves are huge but the process to get there is cut and dry. How you prioritize your campaign strategy for realtor leads is the key to success. 

Real Estate coach Tom Ferry had it right when he said it’s all about tech enabled, scheduled follow up. The average agent follows up with leads only 1.4 times. That’s is, and it’s not enough. Studies show that conversion actually happens somewhere around conversation six through nine or more. That means persistence will lead to success in the real estate industry. 

Creating a Campaign Strategy for Realtor Leads that Converts Quickly 

Tom Ferry also mentions that the average agent does not use a CRM of any kind. CRMs are a major advantage in frequent follow up. The even better news is that Agent Legend allows you to integrate all of the lead generation CRMs you use, so that you can create a campaign strategy to funnel them all through in one place. This is how to think about and create your strategy to succeed: 

Think About Giving Leads an Experience 

More than trying to sell a lead on the services you provide, consider the overall experience you are offering them with every follow up. You’re showing them you care, you’re on top of it, and you’ll offer the same persistence and dedication when they work with you.

Follow Up with Every New Lead Immediately 

Make sure you have an automated campaign in place to immediately follow up with every single new lead. This is crucial. This should be the first automated campaign you set up.

Build Campaigns and Let Them do The Work 

Create your campaigns thoughtfully, then stop adjusting them and let them work. The point is to have automated messages going out to leads consistently, so you can focus on other areas of your business. Every month or so you can check in to see how they are doing and make adjustments as needed.

Just Get Started – That’s What Matters 

The important thing is that you have a strategy in place. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect at first. Just create it and get it going. You can adjust the campaign over time to make sure it is operating efficiently, but first things first, you have to start.

Do Not Be Afraid of Following Up Too Much

You can’t follow up too much. It’s not possible. Be persistent and never miss an opportunity again.

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