With social distancing and shelters in place, the traditional face-to-face business of being a real estate agent has changed dramatically during the last month of COVID-19 quarantine. However, this is still an important time for agents to build their business and put a strong foundation and strategy in place so they can hit the ground running once things open back up.

Here are 6 tips real estate agents and loan officers can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for a strong start back after COVID-19.

1. Reach out to everyone (past clients, sphere of influence, old leads, etc.).

Check-in with your database if you haven’t already. Don’t try to sell them on your services, just let them know you are thinking about them and ask if you can do anything to help right. Update them on any local happenings in the community and let them know you’re a resource for them should they need you.

COVID-19 Strategies

COVID-19 Crisis Response Strategies with Jared James and Agent Legend

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now in the world, and we’re going to help you get through it with clarity and strategies that are working right now for other agents just like you.

2. Build up your social media presence.

Since more people are at home, that means more people are on social media. People have a need to connect and since it can’t be done in traditional in-person gatherings, build your network up now with online-gathers and connections.

Have Facebook Live events letting people know how things are going on in your community. Share articles and important information related to home buying and selling. Share home improvement tips that people can do right now while stuck at home that can increase their home value. Share what you and your family are doing while at home or ideas to help keep kids entertained.

The key is to stay in front of your network and keep building a strong, personal relationship with them.

3. Dial-in new lead sources.

Usually, as an agent, you’re busy running around from house-to-house or meeting with clients. Since you’re unable to do that right now, it’s a great time to review your current lead sources and set up new ones. Once the market gets rolling again, people will be ready to make up for the lost time and you want to be ready to capture that interest.

Explore new options now to generate leads such as third-party vendors like Facebook, Zillow, Boomtown, AdWords, etc.

4. Plug into a real estate coaching or mastermind group.

We all benefit from the expertise and experience of others. Getting plugged into a group of like-minded individuals is a great way to share successes and struggles. It’s also an excellent way to get new ideas and learn from others about what’s working for them in this unprecedented time.

5. Use an Agent Legend campaign catered for the times.

At Agent Legend, it’s our specialty to help people connect with your sphere in the most effective and meaningful way possible. Think about a nurture campaign to let your leads know you’re thinking about them, and that you’re ready to help them buy and sell homes again. Now is the perfect time to refine your campaigns and your content strategy. Login into your Agent Legend account and set up your campaigns now, so that when the time is right, you’ll be ready to roll.

The Agent Legend Team is here for you during this transition. If you need help setting up a campaign and or planning a strategy just reach out to our Customer Success Team.

6. Continue to educate yourself as things are changing rapidly.

Here’s an excellent report by real estate leader, JLL, where they look at the lessons from China, the global policy response, and the practical challenges businesses, will face for re-entry.

To address the needs of the changing economy and market, Agent Legend is excited to announce the launch of two new self-services packages: “Lite” is for new agents ready to start following up smarter, and “Standard” is for growing agents ready to close more deals. Learn more.

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