Do you know your cost per response for your high-quality lead lists? There’s no shortage of online debate on whether or not certain lead sources are too expensive.¬†

Most agents have a monthly budget to purchase leads through sources like Zillow,, REDX, and Market Leader just to name a few. As you probably know, this can get fairly expensive depending on the area, quantity, and type of buyers you are targeting. For example, real estate strategist and blogger Mike DelPrete says that the cost per lead on Zillow ranges from $20 to $220, and he estimates the average to be around $55 per lead.

In the new Agent Legend Dashboard, there’s a new widget that shows your approximate cost per response over the past 30 days. Now, we know you’re probably spending money outside of Agent Legend to purchase and manage your leads. Unfortunately, we can’t determine the total overall cost of the lead. However, we can definitely tell you how much lead followup automation is costing you per lead.

How much does Agent Legend cost you per lead?

Some users are reporting costs as low at $3.49/response through Agent Legend’s followup automation. The average cost is much closer to $6.55. Either way, that’s an incredibly low cost considering you’ve already invested in your lead list. Why would you not protect that investment with proven automation and time-saving tools?

Honestly, even if you just closed one deal every few months, Agent Legend pays for itself over and over.

Stay tuned to many more new features coming to the new Dashboard to help you better manage your leads. You can always see what’s new with your Agent Legend account by visiting the What’s New page or reading the blog.

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