When you integrate Follow Up Boss with Agent Legend, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Follow Up Boss is an incredible platform for lead generation and tracking. Because quality leads are essential to the success of a real estate business, generating leads with a company like Follow Up Boss can be a real game changer. However, leads alone are nothing without effective follow up.

That’s where Agent Legend comes in. Using Agent Legend with Follow Up Boss is an excellent way to optimize your lead follow up strategy. 

Integrate Follow Up Boss and Get These Benefits:

  1. Automatically contact all new leads that you get from Follow Up Boss through Agent Legend campaigns
  2. Receive notifications in both Follow Up Boss and Agent Legend when a lead has been contacted and when a lead responds to a message
  3. Messaging ability within Agent Legend
  4. Filter all Follow Up Boss leads into customized Agent Legend campaigns
  5. Added efficiency when planning your lead follow up strategy
  6. Productivity: you can have more conversations with leads in less time
  7. More deals closed to support the longevity of your real estate business
  8. Tracking and data on your lead follow up strategy that you can analyze in one place

How to Integrate Follow Up Boss with Agent Legend

It is fast and easy to integrate Follow Up Boss with Agent Legend. Inside your Agent Legend account you can manage all of your integrations via the integrations tab located on the left hand side of the screen.

From here you can create your Follow Up Boss integration, and any other CRM integrations that you would like.

Integrations with Agent Legend will take your lead follow up strategy to the next level

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