Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned real estate warrior, lead generation will always be part of your business. Leads are acquired in many different ways and can have various priority levels. What doesn’t change is the fact that you have to reach out to them!

The right lead follow up strategy is what takes your business from null to “Let’s Dominate Them All”.

It’s not good enough to just call your new lead, leave them a voicemail, and then follow up in a month. It is also not ideal to speak to someone once, gauge their interest as medium, and then to not follow up the following week because your lead was on vacation in Maui. Even though their possible dream home just got listed.

A good agent would go and see their dream home for them. And take video. They would follow up with them via text and email. This will ensure that a client knows that their dreams are being realized for them even while they are on vacation!

Without a killer lead follow up strategy, all the leads in the world won’t help your business. So, here are a few tips on how to optimize your strategy today.

1. Qualify your leads as soon as you can.

This can be done as soon as you speak with them. You can also add specific questions to your online (or in person) inquiry form in order to gauge someone’s interests and preferences. So, your lead can go into a special category as soon as they become a lead.

This increases your chances of reaching them and converting them into a client. Why? Because it allows you to reach out to them in a more personal manner. Nothing generic about it.

2. Create an individualized strategy for each type of lead.

So, what do we mean by reaching out to someone in a more personal manner? For example, you know that a potential client is looking to buy a home in a year. They are in no hurry. Instead of forgetting about them for at least 11 months, you can stay in touch with them by emailing them the types of properties they like and commenting on things like pricing, features, etc. This lets the client know you are thinking of them, all the while keeping you (and their dreams) top of mind.

Take time to strategize and we guarantee your business will boom.

2. Automate what you can.

Ever feel like you’re making the same call over and over again? Or maybe you’re sick of copy pasting the same exact email for the 1000th time? There is a way you can automate most of your initial communication with leads.

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