How do you master your followup sequence? You engaged the lead—now what? As we all know, the first conversation is just that—the first conversation.

Think in stages. Stages will help you master your followup sequence. You can structure your Agent Legend campaigns as a process moving your lead from qualified to interested to converted. Specifically, you can use Agent Legend’s ‘Add to Campaign’ feature to move your leads through a series of nurturing campaigns.

Inside your Leads tab, organize your leads by who has responded. Then sort them by those who still benefit from additional followup. Next, click the ‘Add to Campaign’ button to drop them into one of our campaign templates designed for long-term lead engagement.

For example, let’s say a user has responded to your initial contact, but they have not made a purchase. You can then move them to our ‘6 Month Followup Campaign’ and our ’12 Month Followup Campaign.’ These are designed to do automate longer-term nurturing on buyer leads that don’t immediately convert. These campaigns enable you to continue engaging an interested buyer who is not quite ready to make a commitment.

campaign screenshot

Stay tuned to more posts created to help you better manage your leads. You can always see what’s new with your Agent Legend account by visiting the What’s New page or reading the blog.

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