Authentic communication can make or break a real estate deal. Do you receive sales calls and emails daily? Think about the ones that stand out to you. What about the ones you actually engage with or respond to? Chances are the ones that don’t bother you, the ones you actually look at, have one thing in common–authenticity.

Authenticity is a broad and arguably overused term. So we’ll break down what it means specifically for someone, like you, who is working in real estate. There are 3 reasons authenticity is essential and some easy ways to make sure all of your communication with leads is original and personalized all of the time. First off, what do we mean by authenticity? We mean communicating in a way that is original and true to who you are and how you communicate naturally. It also means communicating with a lead in a way that doesn’t sound or feel mass produced.

3 Reasons Authentic Communication is Essential

1. Options are Endless

You might be the best at what you do. But there are many other people out there doing it. The reason we spend so much time and energy in real estate following up with leads is to be the one on a lead’s radar when they are ready to buy or sell a home. In order to make that happen, you have to stand out and authenticity is the best way to make that happen.

2. Originality Grabs Attention

There is often a tendency in any industry to be overly formal in communication with leads and colleagues. However, most of the time this actually reads as inauthentic and “sales like” to the person you are trying to communicate with.

Don’t go too far in the other direction and be overly familiar either though. You want to strike a balance and focus on staying true to your individual communication style. For example: If you are someone who uses emojis a lot, then use an emoji or two when sending a text to a lead. If it’s your thing, don’t be afraid to crack a light joke or bring up how you know or originally connected with that lead.  When you show a lead who you are as a person, they are more likely to see your message and respond, instead of just seeing yet another sales pitch before hitting delete.

3. Service Means More Sales

When you focus on authenticity, you can also hone in on what your lead might need and want from you specifically. Instead of prioritizing your desire to make a sale, the focus on how you can help a lead out is far more likely to result in a closed deal. Again, think about the sales pitches you personally tend to respond to. The ones that clearly focus on that person or company’s desire to market to you are the ones you ignore. The pitches that offer you something you need or want are the ones you engage with. So, figure out what you have to really offer a lead, and center your communication with them around that entirely.

How to Ensure Authentic Communication

Here are several ideas about maintaining authenticity in this short video below featuring Agent Legend, Kevin Markarian.

You can learn more about using Agent Legend to optimize your lead responses, while staying authentic, here. 

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