Is your lead generation process optimized? Could you improve on how you work your leads? What does everyone else do? If you’re a serious real estate or mortgage professional, you probably ask these questions all the time.

The deeper questions are, how much improvement should you expect? What’s working for other agents and loan officers? How much time and effort does everyone else spend talking to and managing their leads? Am I making a good investment with my lead generation budget or should I be getting more out of it?

We want to help you answer these questions and more.

The State of Followup

We’re publishing a new industry report called The State of Followup. In this objective and extensive report, we’ll review the current top trends in lead generation and lead followup within the real estate and mortgage industries.

You’ll learn specific and actionable tips and tactics to improve your lead efforts. We’ll also be interviewing leading real estate and mortgage professionals and coaches to hear how they plan to “crush it” in 2020.

Call for Help

To get access to this report, we need your help by taking a short survey. It’ll take just 5-7 minutes of your time. Then you’ll automatically receive a copy of the report when it is published.

We’ll be including the results of the survey in the published report. So, you’ll, also, learn how your peers answered the survey.

As a thank you, you’ll be entered to win one of ten $50 Amazon Gift Cards.

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