Experiencing a steady stream of quality leads that want your help is the real difference maker for any real estate agent or mortgage professional.

Here are three online marketing strategies that will help you generate those leads.

1. Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a way to easily reach a wide range of people and become known in a community of your choice. This type of advertising allows you to target a certain neighborhood, age range, and even people with specific likes and interests.

Imagine seeing an ad for a three bedroom house a couple of blocks down from you… and it just hit the market today. Better yet, a real estate agent is offering you an exclusive first look at the property. (Hint: You can be that real estate agent!)

Because people on Facebook can be specifically targeted in a variety of ways, you can be the first to ignite their interest, even before they start their initial online search.

Better yet, because you are the reason they start searching, you will likely become their go-to person.

2. Retargeting

Ever have an ad pop up for something you looked at a few hours ago? That’s retargeting. Retargeting is a way for you to track your potential client’s online activity while on your site.

You can easily set up retargeting with a little help. All it takes is adding a piece of code on any page of your site (including your landing page) and creating an ad.

So many potential customers browse your site and then leave without putting in an inquiry. Later, as they surf the web, what if your ad came up reminding them of that same properly they were interested in? They may just jump back on your site and fill out an inquiry form! There’s definite potential for more quality leads here.

3. Online Forums/Communities

Position yourself as not only a member of a community but an authority and expert on all things real estate by participating in an online forum. There are a lot of these: local Facebook groups, real estate forums like Bigger Pockets, or even a community on your Nextdoor app.

As you answer inquiries and provide knowledge people will trust you to be their next real estate agent. Some agents thank online forums for bringing in as much as a third of their business. See what it can do for you.

To go a step further, you can even set up an “Ask Me Anything” community yourself and create a bigger, more loyal, following that way.

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