Watch as Charles shares his successful lead generation strategies for improving lead quality and generate 25 to 40 transactions per year while allowing him the time to be a real estate coach and property manager.

Improving Lead Quality

Topics Charles covers…

  • His goal of doing 25 to 40 transactions/year and why
  • He was paying an ISA over $40,000.00 per year and was getting too much of the wrong business
  • How he started seeing response rates up to 68% percent and an overall improvement in lead quality.
    • “I never had a response rate that high even with me calling the leads directly.”
  • Charles likes to use emoji’s, video text messages, and Bomb Bomb videos to introduce himself
  • When Charles gets a new coaching student, he walks them through his Agent Legend campaigns and shares them directly.
    • “All you gotta do is record your voicemails and you’re good to go.”
  • His tips for being authentic so the consumer doesn’t know they’re on a campaign.
  • How people respond based on their “Love Language” (right on, Charles!)
  • Charles does not chase leads. He wants leads to chase him.
    • “I don’t want to be the cat chasing the mouse, I want to be the mouse!”
  • Charles shares his “A, B, C” approach for segmenting leads into campaigns as they respond and thus improving lead quality.

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