Agent Legend CEO, Costas Peppas, talked with Seattle real estate professional, Garrett Brown. In the video, they discuss the ways that Agent Legend is beneficial to Garrett’s brokerage business, and how Agent Legend can improve lead management specifically for Zillow Premier Agents.

With over eight years of experience, Garrett shared that Agent Legend has been a game changer for his business. In August, 2020, Zillow awarded Garrett with the Best of Zillow badge. Using Agent Legend helped him make this long time goal a reality. Another benefit he found using Agent Legend for almost a year, is that he now has more control over his work flow and who he chooses to work with.

Lead Management for Zillow Premier Agents

Zillow Premier Agent is a great way to generate leads, but if those leads aren’t managed well, then the return on investment just isn’t worthwhile. That’s where Agent Legend makes a huge difference. Garrett said he had some reservations about using a lead management automation system. Before trying it, he worried that authenticity and his own voice and style would be lost. After trying it, he found that wasn’t the case at all.

“I feel like Agent Legend has been able to combine personal touch and automation in the right way– that I’m comfortable with.”

As a result, Agent Legend has been the best lead management system for Garrett in managing his high volume lead generation through Zillow.

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Learn more about Agent Legend’s Benefits for Zillow Premier Agents from Garrett Brown: 

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Most Real Estate Professionals Spend More Than You Might Think on Lead Generation

How Much do Most Real Estate Professionals Spend on Lead Generation? You Might Be Surprised.

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Did you know that Over 40% of Realtors and Brokers Struggle with Lead Follow Up?

Over 40% of New Real Estate Professionals Struggle with Lead Follow-Up 

Agent Legend can fix all of your lead follow-up problems with systems and automation specific to you and your business.

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