As a real estate professional, you know by now that no two leads are exactly the same. If you want to convert those leads you need a follow up strategy that engages with them regularly and authentically. Integrating with Agent Legend does this, while also allowing you to treat leads individually by considering their interest level and specific needs within different campaigns.

Integrating with Agent Legend to sort, track, and follow up with leads from all of your favorite sources in one place is the way to go. Our campaigns ensure that you are following up in a way that will turn as many leads as possible into long-term clients for your real state business. Ultimately, this means you’ll see more growth for your business in less time. Sounds pretty great, right?

Why Integrating with Agent Legend will Grow Your Business Faster

Whether most of your leads come from your favorite lead source like Zillow Premier Agent, your sphere of influence, or anywhere else, a concrete campaign strategy and customized messaging will go a long way. Integrating will provide: 

  • Efficiency – You can have more conversations with more of your leads in less time.
  • Better Time Management – Integrating your favorite lead sources and Agent Legend allows you to track all of your leads and messages in one place.
  • Consistency – You won’t accidentally send out overlapping messages to leads.
  • Authenticity – Custom templates that keep your messages authentic is easier when integrating with Agent Legend. Your leads will never feel like they are receiving automated follow ups.
  • Savings – Agent Legend makes your follow up strategy so effective you might not need to hire an ISA after all. This saves you money, while still delivering the results you need.
  • Direct Conversations with All Leads – You’ll have the ability to take over and engage with leads directly. In Agent Legend, you can easily do this all in one place when they respond to your follow up messages.

Track, engage, and follow up with all of your leads in one place with Agent Legend. You’ll see growth for your business happen quickly and steadily. Long-term success is after all the end goal and we’re here to help you make that happen.

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