Working smarter not harder is the key to growing a thriving real estate business. If you aren’t seeing any real estate business growth despite working long hours and weekends, you aren’t alone. 

According to our State of Leads survey, more than 70% of real estate professionals are working somewhere between 40 and 60 hours a week, sometimes even more. Most are even working weekends. 

Productivity for Real Estate Business Growth in 2020

Being productive, efficiently, is the key to working less, while growing your business and making more money. But what does that really mean? 

Using the right tools and outsourcing so you can spend more time on the areas of your business you enjoy, without missing any leads. 

Our State of Leads Survey revealed that most real estate professionals wish they could spend less time on lead follow-up specifically. It also informed us that despite wanting to spend less time on lead follow-up, most still spend way too much of their work week in this area alone. Over 60% of real estate professionals use some sort of CRM, and another 30% manage all of their leads manually. The thing is– most CRMs generate and barely mange leads leaving you to do most of the heavy lifting every day. This is a waste.

Agent Legend is the ultimate tool to use if you want to spend less time on lead follow up and simultaneously also get consistent high quality responses from leads. We help you have more conversations with less effort. More conversations  = more leads that turn into actual clients.

More stats from our survey showed us that 27% of real estate professionals spend more than 20 hours a week managing leads. The other 70% spent between 1 and 14 hours a week on lead management. This is either way too much or not nearly enough.

All around, Agent Legend is the answer for easily finding the real estate business growth you have been hoping for.

When you use Agent Legend you can spend more time on other areas of your business, like marketing, growing your sphere of influence, and even working with a real estate coach to step up your game.

Learn more about working with Agent Legend today. 

Survey Shows Most Real Estate Professionals Spend 20+ Hours a Week on Lead Follow-Up

Study Shows Real Estate Professionals Spend 20+ Hours a Week on Lead Follow-Up

Learn how to save time and spend more of your work day on the parts of your business that you enjoy more.

How Authentic Communication Will Help You Make More Sales

How Authentic Communication Will Help You Make More Sales

Communicating directly and naturally is sure to result in more responses from leads.

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