Lead generation is a foundational piece of any real estate business. Without leads, there actually is no business. This can motivate many professionals to falsely believe that the more leads they bring in the better. But this isn’t entirely the case. The number of conversations you are able to have with the leads you do bring in is what matters most.¬†

Success after ramping up lead generation for your real estate business is entirely dependent on your ability to convert those leads efficiently. If you don’t have a follow up strategy in place that can handle all of the leads you bring in then it doesn’t matter if you increase your lead budget to start increasing those numbers.

One Business Must-Do to Succeed Before You Ramp up Lead Generation

You’ll save a lot of time and money by putting an automated lead followup system in place early on. This is because, opposed to hiring an ISA or another agent to manage followup, an automated system can authentically handle more leads at once. As we know, more conversations means more deals closed down the line.

This way, when you are ready to increase your lead generation budget and efforts, you already have a strategy in place that you know you can rely on to turn those leads into closed deals.

Creating a Strategy That Works

  • Use the best platforms for lead generation and use Agent Legend for lead followup
  • Integrate your lead generation platforms with your Agent Legend followup system
  • Create a campaign quickly using one of Agent Legend’s pre-made templates
  • Write and record authentic messaging for your campaign

Agent Legend makes this entire process easy enough to set up and start within only one day. Putting a strong strategy like this in place makes your lead generation efforts worth it. You’ll save time and money, while growing your business like never before.

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