These days people often have different preferred methods of communication, especially when it comes to business. Texting is more popular now than ever. Follow up text messages are a fast and easy way to connect with leads in a way that feels comfortable and usually more convenient for them. 

With that said, text messaging might not be a familiar or preferred method of communicating for you, so we’ve got some tips to help you get started.

4 Key Steps to Create an Engaging Follow Up Text Message

Within your Agent Legend account, you can easily follow these steps to create follow up text messages that will get responses from new and even stale leads. Spend a little extra time this week and give your follow up strategy a boost. When creating text messages always: 

1. Keep it Concise

You don’t want the message to be more than two or three sentences long. Keep it short and to the point. No one likes to open their phone and see a novel on the screen, right? The whole point is to make this message a convenient one for them to read and respond too.

2. Introduce Yourself

Always introduce yourself in the first line. Tell them your name and who you are working with. In the last line you can sign off with another way to contact you if you want, but usually the easiest thing will be for them to just respond to the follow up text itself.

3. Get a Little Creative

Don’t be afraid to insert a little personality. The trick to making sure it doesn’t feel like an automated messages is to make it sound like you. Use the words you usually would and be friendly like you would if the lead were standing right in front of you. You could even insert an emoji if that feels natural or consider a few other creative strategies for all of your follow up messaging.

4. Stay Consistent

Be sure to include thoughtful messages like this in all of your Agent Legend campaigns. Regular contact with the right angle, will increase lead conversion drastically in the long-term.

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