Hiring an ISA for realtors is a big business decision that has a lot of benefits, however it also has its downsides like costing a lot and requiring more space in your office. The good news is, hiring an Inside Sales Agent isn’t your only option. You can get the same results with automation while saving money and without losing authenticity. 

How Many Professionals Currently Use an Inside Sales Agent?

We recently conducted an industry wide survey and asked other real estate professionals whether or not they use an ISA. We found that about 70% of real estate professionals don’t currently have an inside sales agent. We also found that most real estate professionals are spending either too much, or not enough, time on lead follow up themselves. Nearly 30% spent between one and four hours per week on lead follow up, while more than 20% said they spent 20 or more hours per week following up with leads. 

These results make it clear that while most real estate professionals don’t currently have an ISA, most do need some help with follow up to free up more time and increase efficiency. 

Benefits You Get From Both an ISA for Realtors and Automation

You’ll still get the same benefits with automation that you would when you hire an ISA, including: 

  • More conversations with more leads 
  • Saved time that you can spend on other pieces of your business
  • Consistent lead tracking
  • Higher lead conversion

Benefits You Only Get From Automation

There are some benefits of automating lead follow up that don’t come with hiring an ISA, including:

  • It costs less
  • It allows you to stay more involved with the follow up process without consuming all of your time
  • It might be more authentic and engaging than hiring an ISA, because all of the messaging will still come from you
  • You’ll save even more time because you won’t have to train someone else on your processes
  • You can engage quickly with the most interested leads because you’ll have all of the information you need right at your fingertips, instead of getting that information through a third party

Save your money and your time, while still increasing your lead conversion drastically with automated follow up. Of course the most important thing to remember here is that automation won’t decrease your authenticity. 

4 Ways Agent Legend Promotes Authentic Communication: 

  1. Customizable campaign templates 
  2. Lead integrations with top lead sources 
  3. Unique messaging features and design for text messages, emails, and no-dial voicemail follow up messages
  4. Tips from industry experts on follow up strategy and marketing to help you keep things fresh 

Automation is an invaluable tool for realtors. Even if you do eventually hire an Inside Sales Agent, having these strategies in place early on will make that transition easier. Your time is valuable, and so  is your money, especially as you grow your business. 

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