There are a lot of important ways to build your sphere of influence, and to maintain it. Why does sphere of influence matter so much anyway? Real estate coach, Tom Ferry explains it well:

“It takes 7-8x more time, energy, and money to get new clients, than it does to get more business or referrals from your current clients.”

Creating a sphere of influence for your business is essential. That much is clear. Now we can also share with you that one of the best ways to build your sphere of influence is through strategic use of social media. Showing up on social. media to establish a community is important for the following reasons:

Your Community Is Already Online:

Most people use some form of social media. Social media is also the fastest way to reach the most amount of people. The more people you can reach, the faster you will make lasting business connections. These are the people who will want to work with you. These are the people who will also want to send others your way.

Social Media is a Great Place to Establish Expertise: 

By consistently showing up and sharing relevant content on social media, you build trust and credibility. More importantly, you attract people with similar interests or related needs directly to you with a relatively small amount of time and effort on your part. When you display your expertise, people will find you and want to work with you.

It’s Easy to Share Helpful Content:

Focusing on how you can help people within your sphere of influence will also increase their desire to work with you. You can easily provide resources and share content for free that people within your community will find useful. It’s a way to show up and engage with them regularly in a non-obligatory or sales oriented way, and it keeps you top of mind for them when they are ready to buy or sell.

You Can Stay Engaged:

By interacting with your sphere of influence regularly online, you stay engaged in the conversations that are taking place in your industry. You know what problems clients are facing, and you can get in front of solving those problems. You will also know what is working and going well for clients. This will make your job easier and help you to continue growing your business with more relationships and referrals down the line.

Showing up consistently and engaging professionally on social media will build a community that will support your  real estate business for years. It’s not enough to buy leads, bringing them to you organically is just as, if not more, important.

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