Nurture your sphere of influence using one of the best tools you’ve got for your real estate business– social media. There are a few reasons why social media is a must these days for your SOI. In summary, social media allows you to reach more people, faster. Your SOI is no longer relegated to in person acquaintances, and this is great news!

Social media allows you to expand and nurture your sphere of influence by amplifying former traditional ways of networking that real estate professionals have used for decades. Here are a few examples.

6 Ways to Nurture Your Sphere of Influence

1. Have Conversations  

With social media you can have conversations with more people. You can even have more than one conversation at a time. Conversations lead to relationships, which lead to future sales. The more of them you have, and the more relationships you build over time, the more real estate business you are going to get long term. Start conversations on social media in relation to your business. Answer questions. Make yourself available, and see your SOI grow.

2. Really Use the Platforms 

This ties in with the last suggestion. You can’t just post content and then never check your Facebook or Instagram pages. For long term conversations and SOI growth, you need to actually use the platforms you are on. Follow others in your industry, start conversations, and really put yourself out there to attract new followers and interactions.

3. Reach Out

Don’t wait for others to just follow you or ask you questions. Start engaging today. Ask other real estate professionals or potential clients questions or share insight related to content that they are sharing. When you show up and participate in the conversations taking place, specifically within the world of real estate, it is more likely others will start showing up for you as well.

4. Share Helpful Content

Regardless of which platforms you are using, always prioritize sharing content that is high quality and helpful to potential clients or others in the real estate industry. Only sharing sales pitch oriented content is a major turn off and a reliable way to drive people away from your pages. When you share useful content on the other hand, and high quality useful content at that, people will start engaging with you in high numbers.

5. Have Fun

People enjoy lightheartedness and a sense of humor on social media. It doesn’t have to be all business all the time. Share content that might make someone laugh or give someone a boost of confidence. Bonus: content like this is also more shareable, which will always drive your engagement rates and grow your SOI.

6. Keep Learning

Social media keeps changing and evolving, and that’s part of the fun of it. When a platform launches a new product or tool, try it out and learn how to use it. Try and share content or engage not only in writing or with images but using stories and reels or videos as well. Evolving with the changes can be fun for you, and it also shows a certain level of expertise that will continue attracting people to your online spaces and nurturing your sphere of influence.  

It’s all about building relationships that last. Showing up on social media is a great way to reach a wider audience of people who can become not only potential clients, but resources for your business development as well.

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