Kevin Markarian is a real estate industry leader. He has a 75-agent boutique brokerage firm in San Francisco and runs a Facebook Group for other real estate professionals called Real Closers. Kevin and his team have used Agent Legend for over two years now, and he believes it is essential to building relationships in real estate today. 

The fact is, time can be a huge barrier when it comes to expanding and maintaining your real estate business. In the past, it was really only possible to have one conversation at a time. This is why Markarian believes that a tool like Agent Legend is essential to building and maintaining your real estate business today. He asks others, “Why wouldn’t you leverage technology like this?”

How Agent Legend will Help Your Business Grow Larger Faster

 Agent Legend  “allows us to reach out and connect with more people and ultimately sell more homes,” said Markarian. “It’s a great tool that every agent should have at their disposal.”

The three steps everyone working in real estate moves through are:

1- reaching out and making connections (generating leads)  2- signing a contract with a lead (they officially become a client)  3- escrow 4- closing

This cycle ends then starts over again. Except, Markarian states that the key to real growth and success is in making sure that you aren’t actually starting from scratch at the end of the cycle. You should constantly be building relationships in real estate.

Building Relationships in Real Estate

“The most successful people in any business have good systems in place,” said Markarian.  Agent Legend is that system. It always you to constantly build relationships. He shared with us that he is personally engaged in 468 conversations with Agent Legend’s assistance.  

“Conversations lead to transactions. The more conversations that you have the more transactions you will have.”

Learn more from Real Estate industry leader Kevin Markarian in our webinar below:

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