The Easy Way to Grow Your Real Estate Business with Alex Kohdadad

Alex Kohdadad is located in the San Francisco area and has been in the real estate industry for 14 years. He started his boutique real estate business in 2013 and operates on a team model with six agents. Alex shared with us that his focus is entirely on generating leads for his business. Using Agent Legend is an easy way to grow your real estate business. 

We all know that technology is a key feature necessary to growing a real estate business these days. Alex told us that Agent Legend is one technology that has “made my conversion easier. 70%of our business comes from the follow up.” 

One of the best things about Agent Legend is that you don’t have to personally be available to follow-up with a lead as soon as a new one comes through. If you have a system in place with Agent Legend, a follow-up will automatically go out at the appropriate time, saving you and your team a ton of time that you can now spend on other marketing efforts. 

According to our State of Leads survey, most real estate professionals wish they could spend less time on lead follow-up. Agent Legend is the solution. 

How and When to Re-Engage Old Leads

How and When to Re-engage Old Leads

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6 Strategies to Turn Your Real Estate Leads into Clients

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Alex shared with us that his business was able to engage right away and make a $21,000 deal with just one lead generated from a re-engagement campaign.

Watch the Interview: Alex Khodadad sharing his personal experience, insights and results with Agent Legend.

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