Facebook has largest reach out of all of the social media platforms. According to Statista there are approximately 190 million Facebook users in the United States alone. If you are a real estate professional looking to build your sphere of influence with Facebook, you’re in the right place. 

Many people using Facebook are there to keep up with friends and family, but tools on this platform like Groups and Business pages still get a lot of engagement. Showing up online is a great way to reach and start conversations with people who you might not otherwise have had the chance to meet in person. We’ve compiled some tips to get you started. 

Top Ways to Build Sphere of Influence with Facebook

Your sphere of influence will grow and thrive online when you stay consistent and use these tips. 

  • Use High Quality Images
  • Join Groups or Create Your Own
  • Keep Writing in Posts Short and Specific
  • Ask and Answer Questions
  • Know Who Your Target Audience is Before You Post
  • Post Frequently and Consistently
  • Track Analytics and Make Adjustments Over Time
  • Always Prioritize Quality 

You can easily build and nurture a solid sphere of influence with Facebook these days. Be sure to check out our other tips for maintaining your sphere of influence on the Agent Legend blog.

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