When it comes to driving success for your real estate business, chances are lead generation is something you spend a lot of time and money on. It is important. Essential even. However, it isn’t worth the effort without consistent, authentic, follow up on every lead that comes your way.  

According to the industry wide State of Leads Follow-Up that we conducted, most in the real estate industry spend somewhere between $500 and $3000 on lead generation a year. Our survey also reported that for most, that number goes up consistently year after year. That’s a lot of money, so it better be worth it right? We think so, and we’re here to help you make sure that it is.

Why You Need to do More Than Generate Leads

Leads Don’t Automatically Turn Into Sales

As you know, every lead you get isn’t a sure thing. You have to do some additional work if you want to get that business. You need to follow up and make a connection with that lead if you want to close the deal.

Your Time = Money 

You want to make money by generating leads, but you have to remember that your time is money. All of the effort that you put into leads needs to produce a worthwhile conversion rate. To make that happen you have to follow up with every single lead.

That might sound tedious and even more time consuming. We hear you there. Our survey results also showed that most in real estate spend 20 hours or more each week following up with leads. We also found that this is something most wish they could spend less time doing. Agent Legend can help you follow up with leads consistently, while saving time and making more money. Sounds great right? This is how:

How to Make Lead Generation Worth the Effort

Put Organization Systems in Place 

A system to track leads is essential. This will keep you organized so you know when you have already followed up and when you need to do it again. This might also include breaking leads into categories based on type and interest level. A system like Agent Legend can upload leads from any source, track them, sort them, and help you with our next piece of advice–regular follow-ups.

You can see the Agent Legend demo, here. 

Stay Consistent

According to our survey, following up with leads is more of a challenge throughout the real estate industry than generating them. Once you have a system for organizing leads put in place, regular follow-up is the next critical piece to making your lead generation efforts worth it.

The best way to do that is with automated lead follow-up. Agent Legend allows you to create custom messaging with voicemails, text, and email. You can then attach specific leads to those messages through a campaign and have them sent out periodically on the dates and times of your choosing. You can even create automatic responses if leads engage with the original message. This is how you never miss a follow-up, while saving time and making more money through closed deals.

If you are interested in what Agent Legend has to offer, you can learn more here. 

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