Texting real estate leads can be an incredibly efficient way to stay on top of your lead follow-up. It’s quick, direct, and often the preferred mode of contact for many individuals these days. Do it right with these tips.

7 Best Practices for Texting Real Estate Leads

Introduce Yourself 

Make it obvious from the very beginning who you are and why you are messaging them. If this isn’t easy to understand at the very beginning of a text, it is unlikely your lead will even bother to read the rest of the message. Stating your name and how you are affiliated with this lead to start off with will make the message worth the time and effort.

Be Clear and Concise 

After you explain who you are, make sure you keep the rest of the message short and to the point. Don’t over explain anything. Just get right into it with a one or two sentence offer and/or question. Our blog on how to write the perfect lead follow-up text message dives deeper into crafting the perfect text to real estate leads if you want some extra guidance here. For clients of Agent Legend, templates are also available, making this step fail proof.

Provide Value When Texting Real Estate Leads

The focus when texting real estate leads, especially if it’s a new lead you are contacting for the first time, should always be on how you can be of service to them. Whether you are highlighting the fact that you have new listings to show or a new rate available for their mortgage, always lead with how this is a benefit to them, rather than your desire to make a sale. This will results in a higher lead response because this message will be more authentic and specific to the lead.

Keep it Authentic and Specific

Text the same way you would speak with a client. Don’t be overly formal. Stay warm and friendly in tone. If you can, also speak as specifically as possible to the needs of that particular lead. This doesn’t mean you have to manage text messages to leads on your own time. Agent Legend allows you to automate text messages, while still prioritizing authenticity and specificity.

Manage Frequency

Whether or not you automate your text messages, you want to keep a close eye on frequency. Follow-up just enough, but definitely not too much. With Agent Legend you can create campaigns to follow-up with leads based on whether or not it is a brand new lead, a lead you have engaged with previously, or a lead that has gone cold. Check out our blog on How and When to Re-engage With Old Leads for more on getting lead follow-up frequency exactly right.

Close with a Question or Allow an Out

After you make it clear what you have to offer a lead, close in a way that opens things up to further conversation. You could simply say “Is this something that I could help you with?” or “Please feel free to let me know if this is something you are still interested in. I’d be happy to help you.”

Agent Legend offers templates for our clients that take all of these best practices into account. Sign up for two weeks free and see how we can make your lead follow-up easier, faster, and more lucrative than ever.

Before creating your text messages, be sure to check out our other blog: How to Write a Perfect Lead Follow-Up Text Message.

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